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Supporting Herts Musical Memories

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Herts Musical Memories receives no direct funding and we run our much-needed services on very limited resources and a lot of goodwill. To help keep this important service going we are launching our:

‘Sponsor a Chair Campaign’

Our target is to reach 100 chairs per group.

Please can you help us reach our target and sponsor a chair at your local group by donating just £5 per month.

To support your local group contact via our feedback form marking it ‘Sponsor a Chair’ let us know which group you would like to support and we will send you the details.

If you would like to help us by making a one-off donation you can either contact us on 020 8950 5757 or you can Click on this link to DONATE via Paypal (opens in a new window)

Running an Event – Vinyl Nights
There are many ways to help us – Herts Musical Memories is all about music and how powerful it is in helping us connect with our memories. We all have a play list that shapes our lives and taps into our emotions taking us back to childhood and through our teens. Songs can take us back to long hot summers, that first kiss, both sad and happy memories. Why not invite some friends around crack open the Prosecco and play music – share playlists, records, CDs and raise some money for Herts Musical Memories. Do contact us if you would like to run a Vinyl Night and we will help support your event.

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Whatever you are doing to help us we would love to hear from you and if you can, do send pictures or films and we will upload on to our Facebook page.

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